tisdag 16 november 2010

Confession of Beliefs

The following is an English translation of "Min trosbekännelse" that was included in the chapter called "Epilogue".

I believe in love to others and to nature.

I believe that all need to be loved and give love.

I believe in a dignified life for all.

I believe in democratic principles of free elections, freedom of thought and expression, a free press, the right to form associations and in everyone’s right to further their own wellbeing and happiness, albeit not at the expense of others.

I believe in the joy of appreciating cultural differences and in everybody’s right to observe their own traditions as long as they do not harm others.

I believe in reason and in our right and duty to seek with compassion rational solutions to all problems.

I believe in generally accepted scientific methods to enhance and widen our knowledge of the world and all there is in it.

I believe we should comport ourselves in relation to others as we would wish them to do in relation to us.

I believe we should in all our doings be driven by positive thoughts but never by feelings of shame or other kinds of imaginary compulsion.

I believe in everyone’s right to always seek enjoyment and delight in all things they do as long as they do not harm others or in extreme cases themselves.

I believe in the freedom from all oppression including religious oppression.

I believe that we ought to fight superstition, magic, prejudice, religious dogmas and all other delusions and never get tired of doing so.

I believe there are no races but billions of different ways to look.

I believe that when we are about to die we should let our organs be used for transplantation and that we should do so joyfully in the hope of being able to contribute to the prolongation of the lives of others or to reduce their sufferings.

I believe that capital punishment should be abolished everywhere and for all times.


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